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Videography Chinchilla Queensland qld Australia

Professional Videographers in Chinchilla, QLD

Cinematography & Media Production

Warrego Highway, Chinchilla QLD 4413 - By Appointment Only.

John Wilson Media are professional video producers Chinchilla Qld and are videographers for businesses throughout the Chinchilla and greater Western Downs region including Miles, Wandoan, Dulacca, Meandarra, Drillham, Jandowae, Durong and Columboola. We are result based video makers for your business and produce content for video marketing in Chinchilla through Commercial Videography, Small Business Video, Real Estate Marketing, Aerial Videography, Corporate Event videography, and Community Event videography. We can provide video production in easy-to-use formats for web use, TV broadcast production, and social media posting. Video editing to produce video content for use in industry, agriculture, health care, and ENG broadcasting. We are Specialist Video Producers and Chinchilla Videographers, Cinematography and Media Production and professional videos for businesses and organizations are produced throughout the Chinchilla, Miles and Western Downs region of Queensland Australia. We have 30 years of professional experience making video content for news broadcasting, commercial and industrial video production and special events nationall and internationally. We can produce and provide video in easy-to-use formats for web use and social media marketing and lead generation purposes.


See for youself HERE

The Trusted Choice For Western Downs Business - About John Wilson

Having been in business for 30 years John Wilson Media provides our valued clients in Chinchilla and Western Downs region with the reassurance they are engaging a company with a proven track record of effective and creative video delivery and filming production. Our company of Chinchilla Videographers is fully insured and maintains relevant workplace health and safety practices. We have also undergone many worksite inductions and are holders of the general construction induction training card formely Queensland White Card so our clients understand we follow industry standard work place health and safety standards when working on location for filming and videography. Our chief cameraman, John Wilson,is an internationally acclaimed Photojournalist and Cameraman and has covered international events and current affairs in 40 countries. He has been involved with TV coverage of international stories and worked for the famous Time Magazine as a documentary photojournalist. You can read about his experience and career HERE.

Australian videographer and photographer John Wilson

Chief Cameraman and photographer John Wilson on international assignment in Middle East, Somalia and Asia and has worked in 40 countries.

Why Choose Us - Chinchilla Videographers

At John Wilson Media, we take pride in being your go-to choice for professional videography services in Chinchilla. Our commitment to quality and excellence goes beyond the camera lens. When you choose us as your videographers, you're not just getting videos; you're opening the door to a world of benefits that will elevate your business or organization:

  1.  We Offer The Best Value: We are results based and our years of experience, working with and understanding business needs, allows us to customize our services to suit most budgets and therefore offer the best value. Get in touch for a free consultation to discuss a video budget to suit your business.
  2.  Captivate Your Audience: Our expert videographers understand the art of storytelling through video. With stunning visuals and engaging narratives, we create content that captivates your audience, leaving a lasting impression and driving your message home.
  3.  Boost Your Brand Identity: Video is a powerful tool for brand building. We'll help you establish a strong brand identity, making you stand out in the competitive Chinchilla market. Your business will be remembered for its compelling visual content.
  4.  Generate High-Quality Leads: In today's digital age, video is the key to attracting high-quality leads. Whether you're a small business or part of a larger organization, our videos will educate potential clients and showcase your services effectively.
  5.  Increase Social Media Impact: With our videos optimized for social media, you'll see increased engagement, likes, shares, and comments. Your social media channels will become a hub for engaging content.
  6.  Cost-Effective Solutions: Our customized production packages ensure you get the most value for your investment. We tailor our services to your specific needs, eliminating unnecessary costs and maximizing results.
  7.  Trusted Expertise: With three decades of experience in the industry, we've mastered the art of videography and photography. Our clients in Chinchilla and the Western Downs trust us for our creative and effective video solutions.
  8.  Safety and Professionalism: We prioritize safety and professionalism, ensuring that every shoot is conducted with adherence to workplace health and safety standards. Your peace of mind is our top priority.
  9. Ready to Elevate Your Chinchilla Business?

Don't miss out on the incredible advantages that professional videography can bring to your business or organization. If you're looking for high-quality video production in Chinchilla and the Western Downs, contact us today. Let's discuss how our videography services can benefit your unique needs and propel your brand to new heights.

Contact John Wilson Media TEL: 0419 716 107 EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

With John Wilson Media, you're not just getting videos; you're getting a pathway to success for your business or organization marketing and promotions.

Chinchilla Video Makers Success

The statstics speak for themselves. 100% of our Western Downs business clients have benefited from the creative videography and media production produced by John Wilson Media. We enjoy working with clients to produce informative and engaging content that will help promote their business operations or a special event.


John Wilson Media Review

"We were thrilled to have John Wilson Media cover our field day event. Their attention to detail
and creative storytelling resulted in a video that perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the day.
We can't thank them enough for their outstanding work." Tanya Fielding

Chinchilla Videographer Reviews


John Wilson Media Review

"John Wilson Media's event videography is second to none! Their ability to capture the energy and excitement of our event was truly remarkable. The video they produced exceeded our expectations and and helped with our social media campaigning." Glenn Leahy

Chinchilla Videographer Reviews

John Wilson Media Review

"John Wilson Media's event videography is pure artistry. They have an incredible ability to transform ordinary events into extraordinary visual stories. We've entrusted them with multiple events, and each time, they've delivered excellence." Justine Bradfield

Chinchilla Videographer Reviews

Chinchilla Videographers, John Wilson Media, was the preferred videographer and photographer for the Dulacca Wind Farm Project in Western Downs QLD:

Chinchilla Videographers, John Wilson Media, was proudly associated with the Dulacca Wind Farm Project construction in the Western Downs QLD.

Chinchilla Videographers

Chinchilla Videographers, John Wilson Media, was proudly associated with the Dulacca Wind Farm Project construction in the Western Downs QLD.

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More Commercial Video Production Samples Down Page.


Let our professional Chinchilla video production experience help your business or organization.

Profit From Our Experience!!

Get A Free Consultation!

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Video Production Cost

Great quality video for your business is worth every cent and a powerful drawcard for new clients and establishing your brand identity with exisisting clients. Our clients are pleasantly surprised with our best value pricing structure for video production in Chinchilla and Western Downs. We always spend time with our clients to understand what they would like to achieve with the video content we will be making for them and then customizing a best value production package to suit the project budget and location. We also always look to create a production package with the best economies in equipment use and filming time for the specific job so we wont be charging our client for equipment and time that is overkill for the job at hand. Simply put, by customizing a production package specfic for a client we can produce video content with single or multiple camera setups, simple lighting or complex lighting and single location or multi location filming sets. Our extensive experience as Chinchilla Videographers enables us to know exactly what our clients needs so we can provide the most economical pricing to achieve the desired results for their videography requirements.

We strive to do more for our clients, not just enough, and our clients greatly appreciate this philosophy and work ethic!! 

videographers Chinchilla

Discuss your Chinchilla Video Production needs with John - TEL: 0419 716 107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Chinchilla Video Options

John Wilson Media can help you attract high quality leads for your Chinchilla business with effectual video to help increase sales. We can produce a single or series of videos about your business to help generate higher quality leads, educate your potential clients and enable your business to stand out in the market. The Business Videos we make in Chinchilla are great for advertising campaigns and can be used across various media platforms from traditional TV to social media channels. A great business video can be as simple as a testimonial from a valued client or an instructional video describing your business operations to potential clients or a combination of of both. Business videos are also an engaging way to update visitors to your website and or your social media channels about projects, services or products.

Video Production Services in Chinchilla

We deliver outstanding results to National and International clients with the following services:

  • Project launches and milestones
  • Field Days Events
  • Workshop Events
  • Product or Service showcases or launches
  • Corporate Event Vidography
  • Aerial Videography
  • Special Events
  • Walk Through Videos
  • Documentary and Editorial  Videography
  • conferences or launches
  • business conferences or seminars
  • crisis communication briefings
  • analyst meetings
  • AGM or shareholders meetings
  • internal briefings
  • training and education events
  • PR events

Event Videography - Showcase Your Chinchilla Event

Do you need your event filmed and use it for advertising and promotions online afterwards? We’re can help you with this!

At John Wilson Media Chinchilla, our expert videographers shoot a wide range of events for various businesses and we can produce archival recordings, highlight videos, live-mix productions and more in order to showcase your event online in the best way possible. Our business is fully insured, we have undergone various work place safety inductions and have a QLD white card for the building and construction industry and all equipment provided complies with Australian safety standards.

Call us today on 0419716107 to book an in-person or online consultation. Do you have some video from other events or promotions? We can edit (and improve) existing videos or edit clips to suit shorter formats.

Whether you need a wedding ceremony filmed, a corporate event  video or a work shop or Field Day video, John Wilson Media can capture your event. We have a variety of opportunities available for capturing your Chinchilla event that can be tailored to suit your budget. We can film events with multi camera set ups, professional lighting and audio or provide basic coverage to film speakers and presentations. Many options are available so call John to discuss your needs. TEL: 0419 716 107.

Special events photography_05.jpg
Special events photography_06.jpg
Special events photography_07.jpg
Special events photography_08.jpg
Special events photography_09.jpg
Special events photography_04.jpg
Special events photography_03.jpg
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Explore some of our portfolio for Chinchilla videography below:

Slide 1

Chinchilla Video Production for Mining, Renewable Energy, Industrial and Agribusiness as well as Special Events and Project Milestones.

Slide 1

Chinchilla Video Production for Mining, Renewable Energy, Industrial and Agribusiness as well as Special Events and Project Milestones.

Slide 1

Chinchilla Video Production for Mining, Renewable Energy, Industrial and Agribusiness as well as Special Events and Project Milestones.

Slide 1

Chinchilla Video Production for Mining, Renewable Energy, Industrial and Agribusiness as well as Special Events and Project Milestones.

Chinchilla Video Production


As highly experienced News Media content providers John Wilson Media partners with major TV News Channels for broadcasting events and breaking news throughout Queensland the Chinchilla  region. We use industry standard Sony Professional Broadcast cameras and camcorders, camera cranes, sliders and gimbles, Camera drones, professional lighting kits with scrims and flags, multi lighting arrays and professional broadcast industry standard sennheiser audio kits, wired and wireless, as part of our chinchilla videography facilities. We use the latest NLE editing facilities to edit our raw video which we can shoot up to 8K quality if required. Freelance Videographer Chinchilla services available with full broadcast ability available.

John Wilson Media National TV Broadcasting Clients.


We use broadcast industry standard Dejero Live equipment for live broadcasting and fast simsat transfers.

Live broadcasting video production

Play Live Broadcast samples for national TV Networks below:


John Wilson Media Live Broadcasting.

John Wilson Media live broadcasting for NINE Network Australia.


Live Broadcasting - John Wilson Media

John Wilson Media live broadcasting for TEN network Australia.
John Wilson Media TV Broadcasting
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Play News coverage samples below:

Video Production Queensland

Play sample TV News coverage videos

International news story for 7 Network Australia

TV news story for Ten network Queensland


Cattle industry trials Rockhampton

Videography Chinchilla

Freelance Services - Broadcast Media

For Urgent Service for Video Production in Chinchilla, Videographer and Cameraman  Call John: 0419 716 107

Some of our valued clients in Chinchilla and Western Downs.

Western Downs Regional Council | University of QLD | Queensland Government | Shell QGC | Ray White

Clients Western Downs

Freelance Videographers Chinchilla

Chinchilla Commercial Video Production

Chinchilla Video options to choose from include commercial HD video production, aerial drone video, virtual tours video and 360 videos using the latest equipment for audio and visual capture. We can use multi-camera setups and radio microphones to help capture your event which will present a professional presentation of your special event.

Video presentations can be supplied ready for use on the internet for youtube, Facebook, and other online resources and we can produce bulk copies of videos if required. Please call John to discuss your specific video requirements. Tel - 0419716107.



John Wilson Media Chinchilla Video Production and Photography produce Walk Through Video Presentations for business and real estate house sales. A Walk Through Video is a great way to introduce potential visitors to you establishment, show visitors processes and operating procedures and for real estate sales thes types of videos can show a potential client through a commercial property or residential house, adding to the visual impact of the property listing will have. The Walk Through Videos we produce can have background music we provide or client provide, company logos and other relevant information in the form of voice overs and or information banners throughout the video. Contact John for more information and pricing: TEL 0419 716 107 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

See a sample Walkthrough Video Below:

Walk Through videos builds trust and authority for your Chinchilla operation or House sale long before an onsite viewing. From concept and script through to your final video master, your company or real estate sale will benefit greatly from our 30 years experience at John Wilson Media.


Aerial Video and Filming

Aerial video and drone video services are also available and can be delivered in HD format if required.

Chinchilla Video Production

Chinchilla video productions

Photography Services HERE

Did you know our Chief Cameraman and Photographer is a highly acclaimed Photojournalist and Cameraman? You can read about the career of John Wilson HERE and our clients can benefit from his experience and creative influence in producing effectice videography and photography. from John Wilson Media also provides professional photography in the Chinchilla and Western Downs region. Commercial photography for real estate, business profiles, aerial drone photography, aerial photography, business portraits, special events photography and professional interior design photography for builders and developers are some of the professional photographer services we offer.

Video production in Chinchilla can be combined with photography and we can advise on the best photography and video services to suit your requirements.

Dulacca Wind Farm

Chinchilla Videographer
Hi There, we tried to call but couldnt get through. We have a company event in Chinchilla next month which we'd like some video of. Can you get back to us with your availability and pricing please.
Kind regards,
Joanna Chester

Event videography Chinchilla
Hi Joanna,
Apologies you couldnt get through on the phone as we've been out filming near Condamine and the reception is a bit patchy. I'll send you through an email and you can let me know when and where etc and I'm sure we can help you out.
Talk again soon,
John Wilson
Chief Cameraman
John Wilson Media

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