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Rockhampton Mining Manufacturing Industrial Commercial Photographer

Mining Industrial Photographer Rockhampton

Rockhampton COMMERCIAL Photographer | Commercial Industrial Mining PHOTOGRAPHY SPECIALIST 

Denison st Rockhampton City QLD 4700 (By appointment only)


John Wilson Media is a commercial photography business in Rockhampton providing a range of advertising, industrial, commercial and marketing photography covering Rockhampton, Central Central Highlands, Clarke Creek,and the Bowen Basin. In fact, we work for clients throughout Central Queensland. John Wilson Media is involved with  photography for manufacturing, mining, building and construction and renewable energy in Rockhampton and central queensland mining hubs and renewable energy hubs. We help companies build their visual marketing libraries as well as creating great content to display work place processes, milestones and special events and staff and product photography. Our commercial photography can also be combined with effective video production for a complete visual package for your Rockhampton business. Commercial property sellers can hire our services to produce effective real estate photography and video production of Rockhampton properties.

John Wilson Media has worked throughout regional QLD for 30 years as well as nationally and internationally in 40 countries as both a commercial photographer and documentary photographer and cameraman. Great experience and the ability to capture the moments that tell your story are what our clients appreciate from the work produced by John Wilson Media. See John's biography HERE.

Call us if you need a Rockhampton Industrial Photographer, Emerald Mining Photographer, Clermont Mining Project Photographer and Blackwater photographer services for mining and energy projects -

TEL 0419 716 107 or email - contact

Rockhampton manufacturing industrial photographer

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Our Philosophy

We understand the importance of company image not only externally but to the staff, directors and contractors. We believe in close collaboration with our clients to ensure we understand your ideas so we can produce the images and video to your expectations. We enjoy every challenge to produce effective and captivating visual content for clients and wont shy away from doing the hard yards to get that great shot or video.

Where We Work In QLD

John Wilson Media Rockhampton works with clients in mining, construction and renewable energy hubs throughout Central  Queensland including Rockhampton, Blackwater, Comet, Morinish South, Lilyvale, Middlemount, Mackenzie River, Issac, Kunwarara, Clermont, Dysart, Moura, Clarke Creek, Emerald.

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Great Work With A Minimum Of Fuss

When clients engage John Wilson Media Rockhampton for their photography and or filming projects they can be rest assurred that we will make every effort to ensure work is done with a minimum of fuss and minimal disruption. We possess an industry white card and have been through numerous site inductions and fully understand the importance of work place health and safety procedures in various industries. We ensure our vehicles are compliant and equipped with required safety kits and equipment.

John Wilson Media is part of the renewable energy industry in Australi and helps companies produce their visual record of their Wind, Solar and Gas projects.
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Our Services

If you require any of the following for your business John Wilson Media can help:

Digital marketing content, Production Photography, Social media content, Website images, Aerial photography, Corporate portraits and headshots, Case studies, Project news and project updates, News and Media Releases

All of the services below can be combined with video production to create an entire visual library for marketing, training and work place healeth and safety.

  • Visual communications and marketing photography
  • Corporate content creation and image libraries
  • Product photography
  • Aerial photography
  • Branded marketing campaigns
  • Corporate portraits and headshots
  • Project milestones and Special Events
  • Plant and Equipment photography
  • 360 Virtual Tours and 360 Video for plant and factory operations

Experience Matters

You dont work in an industry for more than 30 years without learning something about it. We find clients appreciate working with us because of our longevity and experience in Industrial and Commercial Photography and Filming

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