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Professional Videographers in Dalby, QLD | John Wilson Media.

Professional videography Dalby Qld


Cinematography & Media Production

Moonie Highway, Dalby, 4405 (by appointment only)

John Wilson Media is a full time professional videographer company serving Dalby and the Greater Western Downs Region and produces professional videos for businesses throughout the Dalby and greater Western Downs region. We are film makers for your business with Commercial Videography, Small Business Video, Real Estate Marketing, Aerial Videography and Community Events. We can provide video production in easy-to-use formats for web use, TV broadcast production, and social media posting. Video editing to produce video content for use in industry, agriculture field days, conference videos, worker education, health care, and ENG broadcasting. We are Specialist Video Producers, Cinematography and Media Production and professional videos for businesses and organizations are produced throughout the Western Downs, Dalby, Darling Downs of Queensland Australia. We have 30 years of professional experience producing video content for news broadcasting, commercial and industrial video production and special events nationall and internationally. We can produce and provide video in easy-to-use formats for web use and social media marketing and lead generation purposes.

Video Makers For Your Business

The statstics speak for themselves. 100% of our Dalby business clients have benefited from the creative videography and media production produced by John Wilson Media. We enjoy working with our rural clients to produce informative and engaging content with professional video editing that will help promote their business operations or a special event.

Our Services:

  • Commercial Videography
  • Small Business Video
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Aerial Videography
  • Community Events Coverage
  • Video Production for Web, TV, and Social Media
  • Expert Video Editing

The Trusted Choice For Dalby Business

Are you searching for experienced videographers in Dalby, QLD to elevate your business's visual presence? Look no further. John Wilson Media is your trusted partner for exceptionalFilm Making in Dalby and the Western Downs region. 

We are not just videographers; we are specialists in video production, cinematography, and media creation. For over 30 years, we've been producing professional videos for businesses and organizations in Dalby, the Darling Downs, and throughout Queensland, Australia. Our work spans news broadcasting, commercial production, special events and Agricultural resource management field days, both nationally and internationally.

Our company is fully insured and maintains relevant workplace health and safety practices. We have also undergone many worksite inductions and are holders of the general construction induction training card formely Queensland White Card so our clients understand we follow industry standard work place health and safety standards when working on location for filming and videography.

Why Choose Us?

100% Client Satisfaction: Our track record speaks for itself. Every Dalby business client we've worked with has seen tangible benefits from our creative videography and media production.

Trust and Safety: John Wilson Media is a fully insured company that upholds rigorous workplace health and safety standards. We hold the Queensland White Card, demonstrating our commitment to safety while filming on location.

Experienced Professionals: Our team includes Chief Cameraman and Photographer John Wilson, who has undertaken assignments in 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Industry Standard Equipment: As we are also TV Professional we engage the use of industry standard equipment such as Sony professional cameras, camera cranes and gimbals, Sennheiser audio equipment, professional  LED lighting kits, lighting flags and scrims.

Let our professional video production experience drive results for your business or organization. Profit From Our Experience!!

cameraman and photographer John Wilson

Chief Cameraman and Photographer John Wilson on international assignment in Middle East, Somalia and Asia.


 Let our professional video production experience help your business or organization.

Profit From Our Experience!!

Contact Dalby Videographer

Videographer Dalby qld

Discuss your Dalby Video Production needs with John - TEL: 0419 716 107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Video for Business in Western Downs, QLD

John Wilson Media can help you attract high-quality leads for your Western Downs business with compelling video content. Whether it's a testimonial from a valued client, an instructional video, or a combination of both, our videos will educate your potential clients and set your business apart. Business videos are an engaging way to update your website and social media channels about your projects, services, or products.

In Dalby, we offer video production services for your business. Trust John Wilson Media, a team of experienced visual artists and creative content designers working in Western Downs, Queensland, Australia.

Our Services Include:

  • Agriculture Field Days
  • Project launches and milestones
  • Conferences
  • Product or Service showcases or launches
  • Walkthrough Video Presentations for Business, Real Estate and House Builders
  • Aerial Videography
  • Special Events Coverage
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Crisis Communication Briefings
  • Analyst Meetings
  • AGM and Shareholders Meetings
  • Internal Briefings
  • Training and Education Events
  • PR Events

Event Videography - Showcase Your Event , Field Day or Seminar

Do you need your event filmed and use it for advertising and promotions online afterwards? We’re can help you with this!

At John Wilson Media Dalby, our expert videographers filmt a wide range of events for various businesses and we can produce archival recordings, highlight videos, live-mix productions and more in order to showcase your event online in the best way possible. Our business is fully insured, we have undergone various work place safety inductions and have a QLD white card for the building and construction industry and all equipment provided complies with Australian safety standards.

Call us today on 0419716107 to book an in-person or online consultation. Do you have some video from other events or promotions? We can edit (and improve) existing videos or edit clips to suit shorter formats.

Whether you need a corporate event  video or an Agriculture Field Day video produced, John Wilson Media can capture your event. We have a variety of opportunities available for capturing your Dalby event that can be tailored to suit your budget. We can film events with multi camera set ups, professional lighting and audio or provide basic coverage to film speakers and presentations. Many options are available so call John to discuss your needs. TEL: 0419 716 107.

Special events photography_05.jpg
Special events photography_06.jpg
Special events photography_07.jpg
Special events photography_08.jpg
Special events photography_09.jpg
Special events photography_04.jpg
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Videography Chinchilla Western Downs

Freelance Services - Broadcast Media

For Urgent Service for Video Production in Dalby, Videographer and Cameraman  Call John: 0419 716 107

Some of our valued clients in Dalby and Western Downs.

Clients Dalby qld

Freelance Videographers Dalby

Dalby Commercial Video Production

Dalby Video options to choose from include commercial HD video production, aerial drone video, virtual tours video and 360 videos using the latest equipment for audio and visual capture. We can use multi-camera setups and radio microphones to help capture your event which will present a professional presentation of your special event.

Video presentations can be supplied ready for use on the internet for youtube, Facebook, and other online resources and we can produce bulk copies of videos if required. Please call John to discuss your specific video requirements. Tel - 0419716107.

John Wilson Media provides video production in Dalby and throughout central Queensland. Call John 0419 716 107

Sample commercial video production can be viewed below. 

Slide 1

Dalby Video Company for Business, Agibusiness and Livestock, Mining, and Energy, Industrial and Building as well as Special Events Video and Project Launch Video.


Western Downs Video Company for Business, Agibusiness and Livestock, Mining, and Energy, Industrial and Building as well as Special Events Video and Project Milestones Video.

Slide 1

Dalby Video Company for Business, Agibusiness and Livestock, Mining, and Energy, Industrial and Building as well as Special Events Video and Project Launch Video.

Slide 1

Dalby Video Company for Business, Agibusiness and Livestock, Mining, and Energy, Industrial and Building as well as Special Events Video and Project Launch Video.

Dalby Video Production

Industrial & Plant Inspection

John Wilson Media Western Downs Video Production and Photography use state-of-the-art aerial drone equipment to provide aerial inspection services for water and exhaust towers, agriculture infrastructure and holding dams, elevated work platforms, and factories. The use of aerial drones for asset and plant inspections mitigates workplace health and safety concerns associated with personnel directly accessing difficult and remote locations and aerial drone inspections are also time-saving solutions for monitoring plant and equipment. Clients can engage our aerial drone operations for video production and still photography in high definition and high resolution for inspections or promotional and training material.

TV NEWS and LIVE BROADCAST VIDEO for the Dalby region

As established News Media content providers, we collaborate with major TV news channels to cover events and breaking news in the region, using industry-standard equipment. We offer freelance videography services in Dalby and the Darling Downs, with full broadcast capabilities. We also film TV Broadcast events throughout much of central Queensland region covering breaking news and conducting interviews for news and current affairs programs. We use Dejero Live equipment which is the industry standard for live broadcasting and ENG video work.



We use broadcast industry standard Dejero Live equipment for live broadcasting and fast simsat transfers.

Live broadcasting video production

Play Live Broadcast samples for national TV Networks below:


John Wilson Media Live Broadcasting.

John Wilson Media live broadcasting for NINE Network Australia.


Live Broadcasting - John Wilson Media

John Wilson Media live broadcasting for TEN network Australia.
John Wilson Media TV Broadcasting
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Play News coverage samples below:

Video Production Queensland

Play sample TV News coverage videos

International news story for 7 Network Australia

TV news story for Ten network Queensland


Cattle industry trials Rockhampton

Aerial Video and filming

Aerial videography and drone video services are also available in Dalby and can be delivered in HD format if required.

Videographer Dalby


John Wilson Media also provides professional photography services which we can be incorporated with your video requirements to complete an extensive visual marketing or promotional package. Please visit this page for more information:  Professional Photography DALBY 

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