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Food Photography Sunshine Coast

Food and beverage photography Sunshine Coast

Sunshine Coast Food and Beverage Product Photographer

John Wilson Media is a specialist Food and Beverage Product Photographer on the Sunshine Coast QLD. We specialise in Food & Beverage Product Photography for a variety of clients involved with food production and beverage production and sales. We specialize in high quality e-commerce product, creative product and styled food product imagery.

For restaurants we focus on producing high-quality food photography to create the most eye-catching culinary images that will attract more diners to restaurants and orders from menus at dining venues. As specialist food photographers our food photography Sunshine Coast sessions provide in-depth lighting techniques and state of the art post-processing and retouching with the aim of producing the most enticing food photos. Our professional photography is used for restaurant promotion, food and beverage promotions, cookbooks production, chef and restaurant owner profiles, industry magazines and dining venues. When only the best photography will do, choosing our services will provide the peace of mind that you will have one of the most experienced photographers in Australia and an international photographer of repute.

Let Our Experience and Creativity Boost Your Food and Beverage Promotions:

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CONTACT US: TEL - 0419 716 107  Email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The Food Photography Process

We understand food and beverage production processes from the factory to the kitchen so we offer our clients can flexibility in where and when we can produce their food photos and beverage photos either onsite or from our studio. We often work at restaurants prior to opening times to photograph menu items and this can be done over several visits if required depending on the number of images to be produced and the styling required. Food manufacturers often send us product to be photographed in our studio and provide a brief of what they require from the shoot.

Did you know chief photographer John Wilson is not only a leading Sunshine Coast photographer but an international photographer with more than 25 years of achievement in 40 countries!  No matter what size, style or cuisine of your Sunshine Coast restaurant or venue, our eye-catching food photography will benefit your business. If you are a manufacturer of food and beverages we can help with creating eye catching visuals of your products. We will discuss your ideas extensively prior to the photo shoot or shoots so we fully understand your needs and give us the opportunity to offer some suggestions. Food styling and preparation is just as important as the correct lighting and angles and we will collaborate closely with chefs and cooks in the process of each shoot. Working to a timeframe to suit your business is something we like to work with and we understand the best time to produce the great food photography required will sometimes need to be tailored to shifts and stock supply.

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Testimonial from our client Hiller - Catering Supplier and Designer

This is exceptional service. Looking forward to working with you again soon. 

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Menu Enhancement

How often do you see a menu or menu board with the bare basic description, poor photos or a sea of words? A quality and eye-catching image on a menu or menu board will quickly tell the diner what the meal looks like and therefore fewer words will be required or more importantly a better choice of words to fully explain a dish.

Advertising Restaurant Ambience

If part of your Sunshine Coast restaurant experience to clients is in the venue and atmosphere, some good quality interior photography to capture the mood and character will be of great benefit for marketing and promotions. We will use our extensive skills as interior design photographers to skillfully capture the mood of your restaurant at any time of the day or night our clients wish. We also produce Virtual Restaurant Tours you can use on your website and social media so potential customers can view your restaurant online. Call John for more details, TEL: 0419 716 107

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Staff and Service Photography

Giving potential diners a glimpse of what to expect from the service they will receive can be another effective way them. Some good quality lifestyle dining photography sprinkled through your promotional material will enhance your brand and compliment the meal offerings for potential diners. We can produce a series of photos to show your restaurant in operation and even some of the work behind the scenes with kitchen photography to show the commitment and care in the preparation of diners meals.

Restaurant dining photographer Sunshine Coast 01

Kitchen photography Sunshine Coast

Commercial Kitchen photography for Sunshine Coast Catering Supplier and Designer Hiller

Restaurant dining photographer Sunshine Coast 03

Additional Photography Services including 360 Virtual Tours Sunshine Coast

As with most commercial marketing and promotional photography, the key is to quickly grab attention and the quality images we produce will help restaurant owners and dining venues get their message out about their great food and menus. At John Wilson Media we can also provide additional interior design photography to relate the diner experience to potential customers. One of the best ways to display a restaurant, of any size, is to use our 360 photography to create a 360 virtual tour. Whether you have a Noosa restaurant, Coolum coffee shop or any other type of eatery a Sunshine Coast 360 virtual tour will engage and inform potential customers about your business. Some restaurant owners also engage us to produce a series of character portraits and professional headshots to further inform the potential diner of the experience they can expect.

Noosa Restaurant Virtual Tour

Contact John to arrange a virtual tour of your Sunshine Coast restaurant. TEL: 0419 716 107





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