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Eco-Evolution Down Under: Stony Creek Windfarm Gets Green Light for $350 Million Clean Energy Revolution in Queensland

Transforming Winds into Power: Stony Creek Windfarm's Greenlight for a Sustainable Future.

By John Wilson Media - Video Production and Photography

In a landmark development for renewable energy in Australia, the Stony Creek Windfarm project received official approval from the federal Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment, and Water on December 6, 2023. This approval marks a pivotal moment in the nation's commitment to harnessing wind energy as a sustainable power source. Developed by Greenleaf Renewables, the project is set to be a shining example of environmental stewardship, slated to cost approximately $350 million and scheduled to commence commercial operations in 2026, generating a formidable 166 megawatts of power. 

Location and Scale

Situated about 3 kilometers southeast of Didcot and 11 kilometers west of Biggenden in Queensland, the Stony Creek Windfarm spans an expansive 4,500 hectares. The scale of the project is underscored by up to 23 towering wind turbines, each reaching a height of 260 meters. The strategic location, approved by federal authorities, capitalizes on Queensland's robust and consistent wind patterns, making it an ideal hub for clean energy generation.

Stony Creek Windfarm location Queensland

Stony Creek Wind Farm Qld map


Stony Creek Windfarm location North BurnettStony Creek Wind Farm map


Stony Creek Windfarm location near Didcot QLDStony Creek Wind Farm site

Environmental Considerations

The project's approval came with stringent conditions aimed at minimizing environmental impact. Recognizing the importance of biodiversity conservation, the federal authorities mandated that the project "avoid and mitigate harm" to various native animal habitats. These include not clearing more than 69.8 hectares of Greater Glider denning habitat, 138.3 hectares of Greater Glider foraging habitat, 233.3 hectares of koala habitat, 39.8 hectares of Squatter Pigeon habitat, 204.4 hectares of Grey-headed Flying-fox foraging habitat, 164.6 hectares of Red Goshawk foraging habitat, and 24.3 hectares of Red Goshawk roosting habitat.

Expected Impact and Output

Once operational, the Stony Creek Windfarm is poised to make a substantial contribution to Australia's renewable energy goals. The project aims to power approximately 88,000 households annually, effectively removing about 500,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere each year. This reduction is equivalent to taking 136,000 cars off the road, showcasing the significant environmental benefits of transitioning to clean energy sources.

Economic and Employment Opportunities

The construction phase, scheduled to commence in 2024, is expected to create around 150 jobs, providing a boost to the local economy. Once in full operation, the windfarm will employ four full-time staff members, further contributing to the region's economic stability. The project's positive impact extends beyond environmental considerations, fostering job creation and economic development.

The Stony Creek Windfarm represents a commendable stride towards a sustainable and clean energy future for Australia. With federal approval granted, Greenleaf Renewables can now move forward with a project that not only aligns with national renewable energy targets but also prioritizes environmental conservation and community welfare. As the wind turbines rise against the Queensland skyline, the Stony Creek Windfarm stands as a symbol of progress, innovation, and a collective commitment to a greener tomorrow.


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