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Airbnb Maleny

  • AirBnB Photography Maleny Montville

    AirBnB Photography Maleny Montville - Professional photography for accommodation properties to improve your listing appearance.

    Airbnb has become a great way for property owners in Maleny, Montville Mapleton, and Obi Obi to earn extra income. The popularity of the industry and stunning location of Maleny and Montville has also led to increasing competition among properties vying for customers. With this in mind, the importance of having the best possible photos of your Maleny accommodation is key to attracting the best clientele from you Airbnb and Stayz listings and should be a priority for you Airbnb management.

    You may have read reviews on Airbnb and Stayz property listings that say "the photos don't do it justice". We will help you create a great listing with stunning photography that will help grab attention and secure more bookings.

    Your photos are the first point of contact a potential client will have with your property and statistics show that you have about 20 seconds to grab the attention of a client and keep them on your listing.

    As professional property photographers in Maleny and Montville, we can produce high quality and eye-catching photography of your Airbnb. Your rooms will be lit correctly and capture the mood and feel of the accommodation that will help attract the best number of clients. You can then use these photos as part of your Airbnb management marketing strategy and even use them for flyers and business cards. We can even design and print great A4 calendars for our clients to leave with guests as part of their marketing strategy.

    We've been professional photographers for 30 years. Let our experience help your AirBnb attract more clients.

    Contact Maleny Montville airbnb photography

    For urgent AIRBNB Photography requests Contact John - TEL: 0419716107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    What Photography Do I Need For My Maleny Airbnb Property?

    Take a look at online hotel listings and you will get a very good idea of how your listing should look and the photos you should have for you Airbnb in Maleny. Your property photos need to give a hint of the experience the traveler will have at your Maleny Airbnb. Don’t leave anything to the imagination. Your photos will create the desire for clients to stay at your Montville and Maleny Airbnb property!!

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    Here are the 5 key areas to photograph for your Airbnb customers

    • Bedroom/s – ensure room photos are well lit and bright
    • Kitchen/dining – whether communal or self-contained
    • Bathroom – Ensure photos are bright and room decluttered
    • Entertainment – Show the TV and lounge area. If a pool area is part of the facility show a good pool photo.
    • Access – It’s a good idea to show the street view of the property and parking availability

    How To Prepare Your Airbnb For Photography in Maleny and Montville

    We photograph many properties for clients such as resorts and luxury homes and apartments and they all have a few things in common when we go to photograph them and that you should emulate with your property. The best properties and Airbnb's we photograph are very clean and tidy and great efforts have been made to declutter rooms leaving only tasteful additions that create the character of the property. You don’t need to go overboard and spend a lot of money getting your rooms looking great for photography but spending a few dollars for matching cushions and throws or some small pieces to accent a room will really enhance your photos and add appeal.

    Lifestyle photos can add appeal

    What does your location offer the traveler Think about how visitors will use your Airbnb and what they would be looking for during a stay. They may look for a good restaurant or coffee shop, shopping, a bush hike or cycle or perhaps a swim and surf at the beach. So a couple of good lifestyle photos will complete the experience a visitor can expect staying at your Maleny Airbnb.

    Contact and Pricing

    Contact John for some great attention-grabbing photography for your Noosa Airbnb property management and marketing. Pricing varies for properties. Some clients have us photograph an entire house and include a twilight shoot for added prestige and we also provide some elevated aerial photography for some beach and waterfront Airbnb's.

    For urgent AIRBNB Photography requests Contact John - TEL: 0419716107 or EMAIL: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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John Wilson Media is operated by Professional Photographer and Videographer John Wilson. John is a career professional and a master news photojournalist with 25+years experience nationally and internationally with both print and broadcast media. Commercial photography, Mining photography and Industrial photography services are part of Professional photography services offered by John Wilson Media.