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Photographic Art as Gifts – Why Photographs Are So Special

Photographic Art as Gifts – Why Photographs Are So Special

The factive attraction of real photographs

It has been theorized that real photographs offer “factive pictorial experiences”. Factive attraction makes for a wonderful gift


What this refers to is the pictorial experience is factive when it offers facts about that object. If our experience of a picture above showing an old house is factive, then we know that that old house was there when the picture was taken. And it is this factivity that gives photographs their special status, the fact that we know that what we see in a photograph actually exists, existed or occurred.

So How Does This Relate To Photographic Art?

If the photograph can tell the viewer something then this is a powerful way to communicate feeling or invoke feeling. You can probably see where I’m going with this! Want to make someone happy or relaxed or amazed or happy relaxed and amazed? The thoughtful gift of a carefully selected piece of photographic art can do all this to its receiver.

Here are a few reasons Photographic Wall Art can boost happiness:

Photos remind us of the people, places, and activities we love. It is often the case that a photograph of a place even though it may not have been visited still evokes a sense of calming or happiness with memories of having been there or the thought of being there.

Photos can be immersive and take the viewer from the present to the location time and place. For a moment, a minute or hours a good photograph will take the viewer into the scene and to have a perceptual experience with it. Think about looking at beautiful panoramic photo of a mountain range or the powerful images of waves breaking onto the coast or even the starkness of a desert scene. Most people will feel something when they look at great photography and this is where photographic art in the form of landscape photography and nature photography can be so powerful.

Old House pano room view 900px

So, the next time you are struggling with a gift idea, consider a purchasing a piece of landscape photography wall art. You’ll need to put some thought into it but the effort is well worth it!!