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  • Maryborough Real Estate Photographer Services

    Maryborough Real Estate Photography Specialist - Get noticed and sold quicker with quality real estate photography.

    With more than 25 years of experience photographing real estate in Maryborough, Queensland, and throughout Australia, Maryborough Photographer John Wilson Media offers the quality and expertise clients expect when marketing their properties, be it residential property in Maryborough or commercial property sales. We have a range of photography services that can be combined to create an effective visual marketing package for your property. We strive for quick turnaround times and delivery of images and video for clients and photography is supplied web-ready for speedy integration onto real estate websites such as and



    For urgent Maryborough Real Estate Photographer requests please call John - 0419 716 107 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.m

    Maryborough Real Estate Photography Services

    Our services are listed below and can be combined into a discounted package to suit your needs. We can do as little as 8 images for a shoot but we suggest a minimum of 12 and up to 30 for larger homes and property. Its all about creating an engaging listing that draws a potential buyer in to eventually make contact and sale. If you are not sure what you need please call John who will be happy to advise on the best services to suit your needs. There is a contact form on this page or you can ring John directly on 0419716107

    • Interior Photography
    • Exterior Photography
    • Virtual Tours
    • Twilight evening or morning photography
    • Aerial Photography
    • Colour 3D look Floor Plans
    • Video Production
    Virtual Tour example below. Good quality photos and a virtual tour are the absolute best way to show a house on a property listing. Call John for photos and virtual tour package prices - 0419716107
    Click on the image and points inside the image and scroll around to view each room in 360 degrees
    Slide 1

    We always aim to produce the best quality Maryborough photography because this will play a huge role in selling your property. Don't underestimate the power of your Maryborough property photography and overestimate your agent. In these times where most Maryborough homes are sold online, your photos are the first point of contact and first impression by potential buyers. Your Maryborough real estate photography is a 24/7 OPEN HOUSE to market your property is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF YOUR PROPERTY LISTING. Industry statistics show that professional photography engages more potential buyers and gives credibility to pricing. Statistics also show that A PROPERTY LISTING HAS ABOUT 20 SECONDS TO HOOK A POTENTIAL BUYER into looking further into the listing to see more photos. This is where the rubber hits the road when you are selling a property. Your Maryborough photography is extremely important and worth every penny!

    How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost?

    We provide a full range of Maryborough real estate marketing services. The cost to photograph and or video your property will depend on what services you need and how many of our services you require ie. interior/exterior photography + aerial photography + floor plan. Individual services can be purchased and there is some discounting when booking some of the services together.

    Interior Photography for Maryborough Real Estate

    The interior work we do with our Maryborough photography is skillfully produced combining advanced in-camera techniques and digital editing for the best quality regardless of the age of the property. We don't rush through a house but will take the time to capture rooms in the best light and angles.


    Maryborough real estate photography

    real estate photography Maryborough QLD

    Aerial Photography Maryborough

    Many residential and rural properties, in particular, can benefit from aerial photography which will greatly improve the appeal of a property listing to attact more potential buyers. We use drones and our fixed-wing plane for aerial photography in Maryborough, Tiaro, and Childers. Spaek to John about adding this service to your photography package.

    Wide Bay Real Estate Photographer

    Real Estate Video

    We have some great video services available to boost your property listing appearance. See the example below for a standard video slideshow. Speak with John about adding this service to your photography package. Tel 0419716107

    Twilight Property Photography Maryborough

    The aim of any real estate photography is to catch attention and create interest to potential buyers. We can photograph your Maryborough real estate at sunrise or sunset to create stunning images of your property and John can discuss with you which time of day will best suit your needs. We can also offer simulated twilight photography which is another option. We prepare these images from the regular daytime photography we do at the property and are useful when the weather prevents a conventional twilight shoot.

    Virtual Staging

    Empty rooms in houses look bland and uninteresting. We can provide Virtual Staging to make rooms more photogenic and a property listing more interesting.


    Commercial Real Estate Photographer Maryborough

    We offer commercial real estate photography services in Maryborough and the Wide Bay region with fast turnaround times.

    commercial real estate maryborough


    Floor Plans for Maryborough Property

    Property floor plans are becoming a must-have for online property listings. We can produce interesting colour floor plans of Maryborough homes to add further interest to your property listing. We add furniture and fittings to produce eye-catching floor plans with a 3D look which shows potential buyers how the house is laid out and rooms are connected to one another.

    Maryborough real estate floor plans

    Where We Work

    We offer real estate photography in the Wide Bay region. Contact us for Childers real estate photography, Biggenden real estate photographer, Gayndah real estate photographer. We also offer real estate photography in Tiaro, Poona, Woolooga, Brooweena, Glenwood and Gunalda real estate photography.

    Private House Sales in Maryborough QLD

    We are increasingly contacted by homeowners wishing to sell their homes privately in Maryborough and we can help you market your home with a combination of our services and we offer advice on how to get started with the sale process which is quite simple and easy to do. Statistics show that almost 100% of potential home buyers will search online first for a property and will use the main real estate websites of and the appear first in google searches for real estate in a particular town, city or region. 


About us

John Wilson Media is operated by Professional Photographer and Videographer John Wilson. John is a career professional and a master news photojournalist with 25+years experience nationally and internationally with both print and broadcast media. Commercial photography, Mining photography and Industrial photography services are part of Professional photography services offered by John Wilson Media.