SOLD - 35 Seahorse circuit Dundowran Beach, Qld, 4655

SOLD - 35 Seahorse circuit Dundowran Beach, Qld, 4655

Sold online via private sale 35 Seahorse circuit Dundowran Beach, Qld, 4655

Great success with a private sale without a Hervey Bay real estate agent involved in just a few short weeks for this stunning luxury home at Dundowran Beach in the Hervey Bay region of QLD. We photographed the house for the owners and produced a property floor plan. The house owners then signed up with a company which lists properties for sale on and until sold for one set fee which at the time of writing starts at $399. Its incredible value to get your house sold and these owners only had their house listed for a few short weeks.InitiallyInitially 

Quality House Photography produces great results

Initially, the owners approached the local real estate agent who wanted close to $20k in commission plus so called "marketing costs" such as news paper advetising which is the biggest rort in house selling, to simply list and sell the house online and take a few phone calls. Consequently they listed their house at $765,000 and the owners passed on their appreciation of our real estate photography services in getting their house sold online without the huge cost of an agent commission.

Here is an email excerpt from the owners:

Hi John 

Great to hear from you......the second couple viewing on Friday have done searches etc on the house got their finance sorted and seem to almost want to buy it from the photos alone (job well done I reckon John) she’s even phoned the council to see if she can build a front wall!!

The takeaway from this is the incredible value of your property photos when selling your house. Your house photos are a very valuable investment in your property sale and not all real estate agents value photography which is strange but unfortunately true and we see examples of this all the time.

The reason good quality real estate photography is so important to property sale is that it strengthens your pricing position with potential buyers and therefore ensure a higher valued sale. Think about buying any product or service, if it looks mediocre you probably think you can get it much cheaper than the listed price but find a product that is well presented and you are more likely to see the value in the price being asked. This is why house sellers should ensure they have quality photography regardless of whether they use an agent or sell privately online.

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