Unit Renovation - Interior Design Photography Noosa

Unit Renovation - Interior Design Photography Noosa

Unit and Apartment photography Noosa Heads

By John Wilson – Noosa Real Estate Photographer Specialist

We photographed this lovely 2 bedroom unit in Noosa recently for the owner who had renovated. The before and after photos show how you can successfully change dated and boring interiors to eye-catching and increase saleability and appeal.

Noosa has some older style unit blocks but with a little work and imagination, even these can be transformed into stylish pads!

When I first spoke with the owner about photographing her unit and before I had seen it, one of the first descriptions was of the jet black kitchen and earthy colour tones. I was a little surprised to hear this as the majority of kitchens we photograph in Noosa units and houses are white or variations of white and light or pastel colour tones. This is the case even in the luxury homes we photograph. Black décor offers some challenges for photography so I was curious to see the kitchen and colour palette of the unit.

When I arrived to do the photography I was really pleasantly surprised. The owner had skilfully and stylishly renovated the unit and the earthy colour palette created a beautiful warm feel to the rooms. It was great to photograph some rooms where the styling was so different from the pastel and bright white trends we see so often in properties we photograph and vastly different from the original design and style.

I also liked the bathroom renovation. What an incredible difference from the original drab interior design. Slate tiles on the floor and shower wall and the gloss black vanity now made the bathroom a showpiece and stylish. A very effective renovation!!

This Noosa unit renovation will greatly enhance the perceived and real value of this property and our quality interior photography will capture interest from potential buyers when viewed online.

Noosa Unit photography01

Noosa Unit photography02

Noosa Unit photography04

Real Estate Agent Disgrace

As I side note I thought I thought I should relate the story of the licensed real estate agent the owner originally spoke to about selling this unit. The owner of the unit approached a prominent Noosa real estate agent and during the discussion, the agent explained they would arrange some photography for the property listing as part of the sign-up deal. The photographer went and produced a series of photos from the shoot and to the owner's dismay, every photo showed a white ceiling. There isn’t a white ceiling in any of the rooms. When the owner spoke to the agent about this and said that she wasn’t satisfied with the result, both the agent and the agent's photographer disputed that the ceiling was another colour and refused to accept any responsibility. This is where our Noosa real estate business came in when the owner decided to take things into her own hands and commission us for the work. We photographed the house to give an accurate depiction of what the unit looks like as we do with all our work and the owner absolutely loved the result. After seeing our photography the owner couldn’t get a resolution from the agent and withdrew from any listing contract and to top it all off the agent then explained that the owner must pay the photographer directly for the lousy photography. Our advice is that property sellers should source their Noosa real estate photography themselves before signing with an agent as this is one of many similar stories we regularly hear from sellers. This is just another reason we are receiving record numbers of sellers selling their property online via private sale.

If you would like to know which Noosa real estate agent was involved and who to avoid please email via the form below.

Real Estate Photography in Noosa

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